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Manufacturers and Products

Prime Air Products Company offers a wide variety of products in the area of industrial air handling equipment and parts. We provide a wide range of custom designed air handling and air treatment systems. Click here to download our current line card.

  • Centrifugal and axial fans
  • Pressure blowers
  • Ventilating fans
  • Fiberglass fans
  • Custom engineered fans
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Industrial heat exchangers
  • Humidification
  • Energy recovery wheels
  • Industrial dampers
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Industrial dehumidification
  • Custom air handling units
  • Direct & indirect gas-fired units
  • Air turnover units
  • Sound attenuators
  • Fume hood control systems
  • Air flow and pressure monitoring
  • Dust collectors
  • Industrial pumps
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Gas-fired heating equipment
  • Air flow measuring systems
  • Marine duty and navy fans
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Louvers and dampers
  • Energy recovery systems

Prime Air Products Company represents, distributes and installs industrial air handling equipment from the following manufacturers, listed alphabetically. Click here to download our current line card.

Prime Air Products Company is a manufacturer’s representative for:
Manufacturer’s Website:

Accutrol, LLC is world leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative airflow technologies for critical environment airflow control.

Accutrol, LLC specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative airflow technologies for critical environment airflow control. The features and benefits of our award winning products make us the choice of many of the world’s most prestigious and demanding clients.

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Manufacturer’s Website:

Aerofin is a leading manufacturer of finned tube heat exchanger coils and related heat transfer equipment and accessories.

Aerofin equipment is used in process gas coolers/heaters, transformer oil coolers, fan/coil units, integral face and bypass coils, frames for coil removal capabilities, airside transitions and drain pans.

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Applied Air
Manufacturer’s Website:

Since 1975, Applied Air has been a leading innovator in the HVAC industry, offering a wide range of products for commercial or industrial applications. With years of design, research and development, Applied Air offers its service oriented expertise and reliability to ensure the high quality standards that architects, engineers, building owners, and plant managers have come to rely on from one of the industry leaders.

Applied Air has the facilities, resources, and people to assure quality in research and development, design and engineering, manufacturing and service. To all this, add the professional planning assistance we provide. We help select the right equipment for the application and back it with service.

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Buffalo Air Handling
Manufacturer’s Website:

Buffalo Air Handling remains a leader in the HVAC industry, continuing a tradition that is over a century old. We work with the owner, engineer, and contractor to create an efficient, reliable, and economical system design. Allow us to meet, and exceed your expectations.

The Buffalo Air Handling facility in Amherst, Virginia was built in 1977 to exclusively build air handling units. A second facility was opened in 2000 to increase our manufacturing capacity. Today, Buffalo Air Handling produces units for many markets including pharmaceutical, hospital and health care, chemical, telecommunication, semi-conductor, biotech, institutional, pulp and paper, food, and automotive.

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Buffalo Pumps, Inc.
Manufacturer’s Website:

Buffalo Pumps, Inc. has been making quality centrifugal pumps for more than a century. While the defense market has been a significant segment of our business, commercial pumps have been the mainstay of our operation.

We have been an OEM supplier in the refrigeration, paper and lube oil markets for companies such as General Electric, Westinghouse, Carrier and Solar Turbines for over two decades. In addition, our canned pump technology has long been recognized as the most advanced in the industry.

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Cincinnati Fan and Ventilator Co., Inc.
Manufacturer’s Website:

Cincinnati Fan specializes in cast aluminum and fabricated steel, aluminum and stainless steel industrial fans between 1/4 and 125 horsepower. We also manufacture customized models that are designed to meet your exact requirements.

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Concepts and Designs, Inc.
Manufacturer’s Website:

CDI designs and manufacturers custom air handling systems for facilities, and mobile products for temporary applications. Our facility oriented products include dehumidification equipment, air handling units, and cooling and heating products. Mobile products include dehumidification, air cleaning and cooling units.

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Continental Blower
Manufacturer’s Website:

Continental Blower, the North American blower/exhauster affiliate of the long-standing international manufacturer Continental Industrie, has built a reputation for excellence among industrial, municipal and OEM users of multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters. Our products are employed in a variety of environmentally critical 21st century applications, from water treatment plants to coal mines to petroleum refineries.

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Coppus Ventilators
Manufacturer’s Website: Coppus Ventilators

For more than 90 years, COPPUS® portable ventilators have been recognized as reliable and powerful industrial air moving equipment.

Our equipment is designed to meet the demands of safety and maintenance personnel around the world in refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, paper mills, utilities, fabrication shops, and a host of other industries including construction, railroads, airlines, shipbuilding, marine and food/beverage processing.


  • Large product selection to meet virtually any portable ventilation or cooling need
  • Vaneaxial and centrifugal designs
  • Choice of drives: electric, pneumatic, steam, water or gasoline
  • Explosion-proof models
  • Premium, heavy-duty, continuous operation motors
  • Heavy-duty construction to meet industry demands
  • Accommodate flexible duct
  • Accessories available

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Fan Equipment Co.
Manufacturer’s Website:

Fan Equipment Co., Inc. (Formerly Fan Engineering Co., Inc.) builds fans from 1 HP to 700 HP, with wheel diameters from 10 in. to 102 in. Our fans are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys, Epoxy Coated, and in Fiberglass. The applications include Process Gas Fans, Odor Control Fans, Waste Water Treatment Fans, Air Pollution Control , Nuclear Power Plants, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Ovens, Autoclaves, and General Ventilation.

We have been designing and manufacturing heavy-duty air moving equipment for almost FORTY years. We supply industrial fans and blowers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Each application determines the selection of each fan we build. Our design engineering staff provides bearing load analysis, finite element analysis, AutoCAD drawings, and thirty years of design experience for each fan we manufacture. Performance and Sound Testing has been performed on each of our different fan lines. We employ ASME Section IX certified welders and support a Quality Assurance Program that complies with ASME NQA-1 nuclear requirements.

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Fuji Electric
Manufacturer’s Website:

Fuji Electric delivers high-performance inverters that offer automatically controlled motor operations and operating speeds for a wide variety of drive applications.  This precision control allows our drives to operate at an optimal speed throughout your application, reducing overall power and energy consumption to minimize operating costs.

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GoFog Inc.
Manufacturer’s Website:

The GoFog™ System provides a wide range of benefits using the latest technology.

The benefits of accurate humidity control are well documented but proper application and advanced technologies are often overlooked for more traditional methods.

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Manufacturer’s Website:

Family owned, research driven and forward thinking, Konvekta is the only supplier of high efficiency pumped glycol run-around energy recovery systems in the world. Konvekta offers complete systems – high performance heat exchangers, energy recovery system controls and hydraulic assembly. They also provide remote monitoring and service, a stellar warranty and a guarantee of both performance and savings. We appreciate Konvekta’s cutting edge approach to technology and their traditional approach to customer service.

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M. K. Plastics Corporation
Manufacturer’s Website:

M. K. Plastics Corporation offers the broadest and most complete line of industrial and commercial corrosion-resistant blowers and fans and innovative technology patented in several countries. Our products are AMCA certified as to performance and noise.

Our fans and blowers are marketed and installed wherever there are problems with corrosion due to the contaminants in exhaust air or process gas streams.

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Mader Dampers
Manufactureres website:

Mader Dampers manufactures a full line of heavy duty industrial dampers. Mader offers butterfly, louver, guillotine, poppett, fan inlet vane and specialty dampers like “tee” and diverters. Special alloy construction, low leakage, zero leakage and all types of activators are also available.

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SG America Inc. (A subsidiary of Seibu Giken)
Manufacturer’s Website:

SG America Inc. promotes the same core business values that have made Seibu Giken a world leader in heat exchange and dehumidification technologies for more than 30 years. Seibu Giken has a rich history of research, development and manufacturing expertise, and we are proud to be part of such a heritage.

In our own product development, we will continue to embrace the same principles our parent company was founded upon, providing exceptionally well-engineered, environmentally responsible products of superior quality.

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Manufacturer’s Website:

TAMCO is an innovative manufacturer of high-end, quality dampers and air control products, serving commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

T. A. Morrison & Co., Inc. entered the ventilation industry in 1955. In 1980, TAMCO began to produce its own line of aluminum dampers. Great attention has been devoted to design, in order to develop products which are durable, maintenance-free and unparalleled in performance. Advancements in digital control systems have been instrumental in spurring the development of TAMCO air control products. TAMCO is successfully leading the charge to bring creative solutions to the air control market.

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Tek-Air Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer’s Website:

Tek-Air develops and delivers innovative environmental airflow control products, services and comprehensive solutions for critical and non-critical facility environments.

Tek-Air provides high quality laboratory airflow control systems, airflow measurement devices, fume hood controllers and monitors, isolation room monitors and combines these products for complete system airflow control.

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Twin City Fan & Blower
Manufacturer’s Website:

Twin City Fan & Blower is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high quality commercial and industrial fans. Our extensive product line includes centrifugal fans and blowers, axial fans, and power roof ventilators. Units range in size from 1/4 HP exhaust fans to 1750 HP heavy industrial units.

For the commercial market, TCF supplies ventilation fans for retail and office buildings, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and government buildings. Industrial fan applications include air and material handling, air cleaning, ventilation, cooling, heating, combustion air supply, filtration and drying systems, fume hoods, spray-paint booths, and exhaust systems. Special materials, construction, coatings, and accessories are available to fit any application requirements.

Twin City Fan offers customers flexibility in fan design and construction, coupled with superior service before and after the sale. TCF’s commitment to quality and dedication to customers has been our philosophy since the company started in the early 1970s. As a result, Twin City Fan & Blower continues to grow and provide fans throughout the world.

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Manufacturer’s Website:

At Vibro-Acoustics, noise control for air handling systems is our singular focus. Our specialty. From comprehensive product design, laboratory testing and integrated manufacturing to product specification and application, Vibro-Acoustics delivers more than 40 years of unsurpassed industry experience.

And by listening to the needs of our customers, we’ve developed innovative yet practical solutions for some of the most diverse and dynamic projects in the world. Perhaps that’s why we’re recognized as the noise control product specialists with an ear for what you need.

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